Platinum II Launch at the CES 2016 & Immediate What Hi-Fi? Award

Monitor Audio Platinum II

It comes as no surprise that Monitor Audio went back to the drawing board to find ways in which to improve on their product range and bring in some new releases. What’s new from Monitor Audio? The Platinum II – that’s what! After just a few days at the CES 2016 show, where they launched the Platinum II Series, Monitor Audio was already given an award by the experts at What Hi-Fi? – a coveted award and recognition by all top players in the industry! […]

The New Monitor Audio Silver Range Combines Innovation with Design Excellence

Monitor Audio Silver Range

With the launch of the new Monitor Audio Silver range, the British specialist in hi-fi speaker design has once again proved itself to be right out in front and among the best of the breed. The eight quality products that make up this latest collection have been modelled on the company’s exceptionally successful RX series and seem destined to occupy a leadership role in the mid-range market. Many of the advanced features that were once exclusive to the manufacturer’s Platinum and Gold collections have been refined and incorporated into the new release making it a worthy successor to the iconic RX. […]

Monitor Audio – The Radius 90 has just received a ‘Recommended’ in HiFi Choice


Little audio dynamite

If there’s one speaker that shows less is more, this is it. David Price reckons the new Radius 90 is the mouse that roars! Loudspeakers come in all shapes and sizes, for better and for worse. Some folk love big boom boxes able to supply copious amounts of low frequencies, while others crave a light and airy sort of sound that focuses more on finesse than it does on visceral, flare-flapping volume. […]