Listen Up! Brand New from Klipsch – The HP-3 is Here!

Not every expensive pair of headphones is worth their price tag. Sometimes, all you’re paying for is branding and style, but you’re losing out on actual audio quality. Klipsch has over 60 years of audio expertise backing every pair of headphones they take to market. Klipsch headphones are far superior to any other brands, delivering unequalled comfort, noise isolation, musical accuracy, and bass. […]

Check Out the New Klipsch Sound Bars!

RSB-6Are you getting tired of poor quality sound for your home movies and music? Do you want to ensure that you have the quality of image and sound that’s even better than what the luxury cinemas enjoy? It’s not impossible. In fact, it’s very possible with the Klipsch product range. Klipsch knows sound, and it shows in their range of products. Klipsch sound bars make it possible to fill a room with the type of enveloping sound that takes your breath away, while simultaneously breathing life into your experience. […]