Which Hi-Fi Components are More Important?

Hi-Fi-ComponentsIf you are setting up an audio entertainment system in your home, it is highly likely that your mind is abuzz with options and choices. You are bound to be wondering which Hi-Fi components are required, and which are the most important. A question that first-timers or novice sound system designers often ask is whether it is the speakers or the amplifier that is more important in the setup. Of course, both have importance, but which can you skimp on in terms of quality and brand? This is an age-old question, and one that can be answered quite simply. […]

Mad About Sound? Quench Your Thirst for Quality Sound!

home-entertainment-systemMad about sound, but not too mad about the sound system that you have? Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than watching in horror as your braai/party guests strain their ears to hear the latest top hits desperately trying to be heard in the background. We don’t have to tell you that no social gathering is complete (or can be a success) without a few thumping (and easily heard) beats. […]

Top-Quality Hi-Fi Components to Custom Design Your Home Audio System

hi-fiWhat type of sound do you enjoy at home? Do you walk around with your device and earphones just so you can enjoy your favourite music while you are working or relaxing at home? Are you tired of having to transfer music from one device to another, just so it’s convenient to play songs from your own personal library? A good home hi-fi system can solve these problems and frustrations for you. […]

Impress Your Senses with Homemation Home Entertainment Systems


Who says you have to go to the cinema or local nightclub for an exceptional audio visual experience? With the right home entertainment systems from Homemation, you can enjoy all the video and sound sensations of the big screen or speaker, right in the comfort of your very own home. The only reason to not get a home entertainment system from us is if you are afraid of owning and enjoying a phenomenal picture and sound experience! […]

A Modern Home Entertainment System Offers Owners Many Exciting Possibilities


There was a time when a home entertainment system would have consisted of nothing more than a medium wave radio receiver and when a home movie involved hiring a projector and some 16mm films. The birth of television, then the means to record movies on videotape and later, on optical discs (CDs or DVDs), has led to the growth of a brand new industry that offers the means to transform your family room into a bijou cinema equipped with ultra-high definition video and crystal clear surround sound. […]