Security Cameras: It’s Time to Grow Up

A security expert once said how astounded he is by the fact so many victims of crime say the criminals “came out of nowhere“. Clearly, they didn’t … they’re around us all the time. So, why don’t we spot them more easily? Ok, so they don’t have identifying signboards around their necks, two heads, or even look dodgy half the time, so how can we be expected to notice them, let alone catch them in the act? […]

Which Hi-Fi Components are More Important?

Hi-Fi-ComponentsIf you are setting up an audio entertainment system in your home, it is highly likely that your mind is abuzz with options and choices. You are bound to be wondering which Hi-Fi components are required, and which are the most important. A question that first-timers or novice sound system designers often ask is whether it is the speakers or the amplifier that is more important in the setup. Of course, both have importance, but which can you skimp on in terms of quality and brand? This is an age-old question, and one that can be answered quite simply. […]

Change the Quality of Your Home Life with the Latest Alexa Integration – Thanks to Alexa and Control4

If you have been living in luxury with a smart home automation system from Control4, you probably don’t think that it can get any better. What if we told you that it can? What if we told you that smart home automation just got better and you can get in on the action too? You Read more about Change the Quality of Your Home Life with the Latest Alexa Integration – Thanks to Alexa and Control4[…]

Impress Your Senses with Homemation Home Entertainment Systems


Who says you have to go to the cinema or local nightclub for an exceptional audio visual experience? With the right home entertainment systems from Homemation, you can enjoy all the video and sound sensations of the big screen or speaker, right in the comfort of your very own home. The only reason to not get a home entertainment system from us is if you are afraid of owning and enjoying a phenomenal picture and sound experience! […]

Control4 Solutions – The Smart Way to Automate Your Lifestyle


Even if you have never heard of Control4, the chances are that, at some time, you have shared their vision – a home in which every electrical or electronic function is automated. Previous generations will, no doubt, recall the excitement that they felt when they acquired their first pop-up toaster, automatic washing machine or dishwasher and the freedom to change channels, adjust the volume and switch the TV on or off with a remote probably seemed like a miracle.