The Denon AH-C621R was Released in March 2017

Denon AH-C621Having thrilling sound that takes over your mind, body and soul does not necessarily have to involve annoying the neighbours and earning yourself disturbance warnings. Earphones have changed the way we listen to our favourite music, and they have made us all a great deal more mobile with our sound too. With the right earphones, you can listen to your music at the gym, while driving and while using public transport… any time and any place. It’s sound that cannot be stopped, and one particular brand is making this type of mobile sound world-class. […]

The AH-GC20 Noise Cancelling Headphones from Denon – Another Winner on the Market!


We all know just how useful our headphones can be, but it can be quite bothersome if our favourite tracks are disturbed by outside noises, sounds, conversations and traffic. Now, with Denon’s AH-GC20 top-quality noise cancelling headphones, you can enjoy your favourite tracks and tap your foot to the beats without a care in the world, and without any disruptions either. […]

Transform Your Music-Listening Experience with the HEOS Wireless Multi-Room Speaker


It’s party time with HEOS 7! Check out the new wireless multi-room speakers on the HEOS range and prepare to find an excuse to throw a party to show off your new sound. If you have been shopping around for multi-room speakers, you are bound to be spoiled for choice, but not many brands can cater to earth-shattering sound that’s ideal for large rooms, outside patios and open-plan spaces like Denon can. […]