Go Green with Control4’s Home Automation


Energy efficient homes aren’t just a passing fad. Everyone wants to go green, and while it has a lot to do with cutting back on costs, many people are also looking for ways in which to reduce their carbon footprint. What better place to start than at home! To “go green”, you are going to need to make a few lifestyle changes, which means that your daily routine is bound to change. […]

Change the Quality of Your Home Life with the Latest Alexa Integration – Thanks to Alexa and Control4

If you have been living in luxury with a smart home automation system from Control4, you probably don’t think that it can get any better. What if we told you that it can? What if we told you that smart home automation just got better and you can get in on the action too? You Read more about Change the Quality of Your Home Life with the Latest Alexa Integration – Thanks to Alexa and Control4[…]

Set the Mood with Automated Lighting for Your Restaurant


One only has to take a look at the Tattu Restaurant & Bar that opened in Manchester, England, last year to see just how much lighting can affect the ambiance and overall dining experience in a restaurant. Lighting has always had a way of being able to set the scene. You can create a warm and cosy appeal, crisp and cool appeal or relaxed and romantic appeal – let’s face it, you need lighting solutions to cater to all of these moods. […]

Discover the Myriad of Features Presented by the New Control4 Experience OS 2.8


If you’re looking for an enhanced in-home entertainment experience, the new Control4 Experience OS2.8 will not disappoint. In fact, Control4’s product range never does, but the new Control4 Experience has something unique to bring to the table and at Homemation, we’d love to share some of the details with you. What makes the new Control4 Experience a hot product on the market today is that it doesn’t skimp on features and it’s truly designed for the modern home! If you don’t already have the system or are not interest in it – you should be asking yourself why! […]

A Centralised Automation System Offers Multiple Benefits in Any Home

Centralised Home Automation

Life in a home equipped with a centralised system, with which to coordinate and control many of its basic functions, offers the occupants many advantages. Naturally, an installation of this type can have a huge impact on the time and effort required by every member of a household to achieve these various functions manually by making use of the standard switches located in every part of the house. […]

An Advanced Home Automation System More Than Just Covers It’s Cost

Home Automation

The potential offered by a home automation system is little short of amazing and there can be few modern dwellings that could not gain considerably from an installation. Such systems are often portrayed in movies and on TV as belonging to the realm of the wealthy. However, in practice, not only are they far less expensive than one may have assumed, but they are also actually an investment that is designed to pay dividends in the form of reduced power consumption and correspondingly lower, monthly energy bills. […]