Security Cameras: It’s Time to Grow Up

A security expert once said how astounded he is by the fact so many victims of crime say the criminals “came out of nowhere“. Clearly, they didn’t … they’re around us all the time. So, why don’t we spot them more easily? Ok, so they don’t have identifying signboards around their necks, two heads, or even look dodgy half the time, so how can we be expected to notice them, let alone catch them in the act? […]

Go Green with Control4’s Home Automation


Energy efficient homes aren’t just a passing fad. Everyone wants to go green, and while it has a lot to do with cutting back on costs, many people are also looking for ways in which to reduce their carbon footprint. What better place to start than at home! To “go green”, you are going to need to make a few lifestyle changes, which means that your daily routine is bound to change. […]