Klipsch THX Ultra2 – The Home-Entertainment Audio Series You Absolutely Must Have!


Be careful of the Klipsch THX Ultra2! You have been warned! Once you encounter the type of sound delivered by the Klipsch THX Ultra2, there’s no going back. You will absolutely have to have it.
There is no denying it. The Klipsch THX Ultra2 system delivers that type of sound intensity that will absolutely blow your mind.

It will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about good-quality sound. The sound is dynamic, accurate, and detailed – it’s so immersive that you’ll lose yourself in the moment! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Listen at your own risk.

The Klipsch THX Ultra2 is right up there with the best. It delivers home audio that’s far superior to professional theatres. It offers a depth of sound, low distortion, and high output that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Klipsch Fulfills Its Mission with the THX Ultra2

Klipsch has a mission and that’s to ensure that every bit of space available is filled with intense, life-like sound that’s so alluring, no one can resist it. When you experience your favourite media through the Klipsch THX Ultra2, you’ll be hooked. And, you can expect it to be a lifelong addiction!

The Klipsch THX Ultra2

Okay, so what’s included in the Klipsch THX Ultra2? Well, you already know that the system is all about professional-grade technology. Here’s what else you can expect to be included:

• Three KL-650-THX LCRs
• Dual KL-525-THX LCRs
• Dual KS-525-THX Surrounds
• Dual KW-120-THX Subwoofers
• KA-1000-THX Subwoofer Amplifier

We all know that direct-radiating speakers offer precise effect localisation and that diffuse-radiating speakers provide an immersive surround field, but both of these types of speakers offer drawbacks. This is where the Klipsch THX Ultra2 speakers are different. They offer all the perks of both diffuse-radiating and direct-radiating speakers with none of the drawbacks. Impressive, right? It’s hard not to hear and enjoy the media played through the Klipsch THX Ultra2 system.

Get Advice on the Klipsch THX Ultra2

At Homemation, we are excited about the Klipsch range of products. Time and again the brand has released a product range that adds value and enjoyment to everyday life. If you want to learn more about the Klipsch THX Ultra2, you can chat with one of our consultants at Homemation. We will also provide you with the contact details of a stockist in your area.