Key-Free Home Locking Made Possible with Yale Door Locks


Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of rustling, and the crippling fear that you might not have locked the door before you went to bed? Don’t worry, it’s natural to forget these things. You might have been overloaded with grocery bags when you got home, or even distracted by an important phone call at the time. Regardless of the hows and whys, forgetting to lock your door in this day and age can be dangerous for both you and your family. Don’t fret too much though. Yale has come up with the perfect solution. With Yale door locks, coupled with a Control4 smart home system, you never have to worry about leaving a door unlocked again.

Everything seems to be wireless these days, but now you can be keyless too. In fact, we suggest that you lose your keys for good! With the new range of Yale door locks, you lock and unlock your doors without the need for a key. At Homemation, we highly recommend two Yale door locks that have recently caught our attention.

Door Locks from Yale

There’s no denying it. The Assure Lock SL is the slimmest and sleekest of all the Yale door locks on the market. It’s a modern touchscreen deadbolt that allows the homeowner the opportunity to truly enjoy 100% key-free unlocking and locking. No more scrambling for keys. No more worrying about where you left that bunch of oh-so-important household keys either. With the C4 Assure Lock SL, you simply need the keypad and a secret pin to get in and out of your home. Lock the door with a simple tap. Unlock it with your secret pin. It’s as simple as that! What’s more is that you can lock and unlock your home from afar.

Do you ned to let family and friends into your home while you’re away? You can unlock it remotely and receive notifications every time the system is accessed. You can’t monitor keyed access to your home quite like this. Yale door locks offer the ultimate control and security.

Yale also offers the Real Living Zigbee deadbolt lock which integrates seamlessly with Control4 systems. These types of deadbolt locks are best suited to outside doors and main access doors. These locks have a touchscreen for ease of use and aesthetic appeal.


Do you need technical knowledge and in-depth understanding of home automation to install Yale door locks? Definitely not! You can install the unit yourself within just a few minutes, as long as you have a screwdriver.
Do you need to worry about getting locked out of the house? No, you don’t! As long as you remember your PIN code, there’s no need to worry. The backup batteries ensure that there’s never downtime to fear.

You might be worried about sharing your PIN with family, friends, and neighbours though. Create personal PIN codes for each user, so that you can monitor their access to your home. And, you can delete or change these PINs at any time.

Where to Buy Yale Door Locks

If you are looking to integrate keyless locking into your home automation system, Yale door locks used in conjunction with Control4 come highly recommended. Get in touch with us to find out where to find suppliers of these products and systems in your area.