World-Class Accuracy Is a Given with Monitor Audio Platinum Speakers

Audio enthusiasts are lending a serious ear to the Platinum II speakers, from Monitor Audio.

These are their most advanced speakers yet and feature wall-mounted, floor-standing, in-wall, and in-ceiling options.

Regardless of where you choose to start in the range, the character of the sound remains powerfully consistent and expressive throughout the Monitor Audio Platinum II products.

Let’s take a closer look at the three entry-level Monitor Audio Platinum speakers:

  1. The PL100 II. Compact but powerful with a wide-open soundstage punctuated by breathtaking dynamics. Position this floor-standing speaker to the perfect listening height with a bespoke floor stand (available separately).
  2. Thanks to the addition of a second 6.5” RDT II driver, the PL200 II’s bass offers even more bass, while its dedicated 4” RDT II midrange driver brings further definition to vocals and strings. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more persuasive speaker than the PL100 II in its price class.
  3. The PL300 II stands over a metre tall and is designed to move air in larger listening environments. You’ll be astounded how this Monitor Audio Platinum speaker energises your listening experience across an enormous stage. Its 4-driver system, made up of twin 8” RDT II drivers, 4” TLE loaded midrange, and MPD tweeter, captures every ounce of tonal complexity and dynamic richness that you could demand from your audio.

The bottom line with Monitor Audio Platinum speakers is that the greater you explore the depths, the more precious the prize.

Platinum II engineering, from Monitor Audio, is simple – silken layers of the finest high-frequency definition suspended on an explicit midrange, seamlessly underpinned by a deep, clean, and responsive bass foundation. Well, simple to audiophiles anyway.

If you’ve been longing for sound to take control, you will struggle to find anything more pure, raw, and magnificent than the sound of a Monitor Audio Platinum speaker.

Hearing is believing. When a pin drops you’ll hear it.

The engineers at Monitor Audio have worked tirelessly to bring audio enthusiasts the Platinum II range. Now, it’s here and you’re invited to be inspired.

With their most advanced driver, crossover, and acoustic systems set within luxurious cabinets, Monitor Audio has tuned the merits that have won them worldwide acclaim to new heights, giving you pure audio transparency.

Platinum II’s class-leading accuracy is a given, you simply need to match it with the size of your room.

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