Let Your Whole House Entertain You

Things can get complicated and downright ugly if everyone in the house wants to listen to or watch their own thing, and there’s only one TV or hi-fi system.

Does this sound familiar? Well, don’t panic! We’ve got the answer – whole home audio and video distribution.

Listening to your favourite tunes or watching your favourite movie for the fifth time when and where you want to is totally possible. Control4 makes it possible.

Using one robust platform, you can get powerful and reliable whole-home audio and video distribution.

Imagine, at the touch of a button, every room in the house filled with its own unique content in amazing high definition and delivering extraordinary audio quality.

From watching the latest 4K movies to streaming high-resolution music, you can enjoy limitless entertainment with a single remote, or create an unrivalled home theatre experience.

People often think that in order to get whole-home audio and video distribution, you need loads of stuff – speakers, amps, soundbars, controllers, and remotes, and with loads of wires involved. Well, this isn’t true – it couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact.

Whole-home audio and video distribution is simple, clean, and clutter-free entertainment, right at your fingertips. Here’s how.

With a single remote, you can control all your favourite entertainment gadgets – the Blu-ray player, satellite, streaming video services, your own music library, and streaming audio.

Take whole home-audio and video distribution a step further and get Control4 thermostat control and smart lights for a more immersive whole-home audio and video distribution. You can even take your party outdoors. There are great outdoor speakers on the market which love the elements, so you can party in the rain if you like.

Probably the best part of whole-home audio and video distribution is that you can have more than one party going at a time. Have an 80s party in the lounge and rap music on the pool deck for the teenagers, both pumping out excellent video and audio without disturbing the other.

Audiophiles don’t settle for second best. If you’re one of these people, you know the value of high-resolution streaming.

It comes standard with all Control4 systems. So, you can wake up to your favourite Pandora channel or come home to your favourite Napster playlist. Press a button on your keypad or smartphone, and the lights will dim as you sit down to eat a romantic meal with tunes from Tidal gently playing in the background.

With Control4’s audio solutions, you can enjoy the ultimate in sound experiences anywhere on the property, from the laundry to the poolside bar.

Multi-room video allows you to share your entire movie library, streaming video, and satellite channels in every room or selected areas. Forget about set-top boxes, multiple video sources, wires, and other paraphernalia. Put all your wireless video and audio neatly away in a closet or behind a fake wall panel and nobody will be any the wiser.

They’ll just think your whole-home audio and video distribution is magic.

Get exactly what you want out of entertainment today. With very little hassle, you can have stunning whole-home audio and video distribution, and be the real king of your castle.