Listen Up! Brand New from Klipsch – The HP-3 is Here!

Not every expensive pair of headphones is worth their price tag. Sometimes, all you’re paying for is branding and style, but you’re losing out on actual audio quality. Klipsch has over 60 years of audio expertise backing every pair of headphones they take to market. Klipsch headphones are far superior to any other brands, delivering unequalled comfort, noise isolation, musical accuracy, and bass.

This is exactly what pure listening pleasure is all about. Uninterrupted, crystal clear sound – delivered through an equally beautiful and inspired piece of equipment.
You’ll find this and much, much more in a pair of Klipsch headphones.
The Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphones are another sterling product from these masters of sound. You’ll be impressed by the elegance and prestige of these headphones on looks alone, but that’s not where the applause for these headphones stops.

Not only are they designed from the most functional and finest materials available, the Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphones feature die-cast steel, milled wood, premium leathers, and machined aluminium components.

These beauties deliver unsurpassed acoustic performance through a free-edge, 52-mm KG-520 biodynamic driver housed in a triple-vented, semi-open design.

Expect the unexpected in sheer audio excellence from solid wood ear cups with magnetic removable ear cushions and a genuine cowhide design.

Other features to grab you include the 1,37 cm and 2 m removable cables, a custom ¼” adapter, and custom solid-steel stand. Oh, and let’s not forget you get a certificate of authenticity and an owners’ manual (both worth framing we think). Your purchase also comes in a swanky wooden case with a glass window!

Not only do the Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphones deliver on their audio promise (and then some), just running the craftmanship of these headphones through your fingers is thrilling. Everything about the headphones feels solid, from the headband to the incredibly soft ear cushions. The mastery of the stainless steel components, and aluminium and wood materials is sheer brilliance (like an exquisite piece of handmade furniture for your ears).

As Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphones have a low impedance (25 ohms), we recommend asking about Klipsch headphone amplifiers, which are a perfect pairing for the HP-3.

These headphones have received 5-star ratings and rave reviews.

Expect the bass to be spot-on, powerful, and robust, the mids to hit you straight between the eyes, and the lyrics to be crystal clear. The product delivers stunning high frequencies with no effort at all, and the semi-open design does an outstanding job of opening up the stereo spectrum of your entire music list, without losing too much bass.

This is an excellent headphone choice which will astonish you – from the rock-solid construction and materials used, to the high-res quality it’ll deliver into your ears. You‘ve found the finest quality on the market in the Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphones.

Headphones are not just headphones today. There’s a clear distinction between quality and class, both of which you’ll always find in the audio products from Klipsch.

Quality headphones are the only way to crank up your listening pleasure. Experience sound the way it should be experienced.