Be the Prophet of BOOM!

Remember when the size of your stereo matched the size of the sound it could put out. Huge speakers meant huge audio, and vice versa. And, remember what a mission it was to take your portable stereo anywhere because it was so bulky. But, you took it everywhere anyway, right?

If you and your audio are joined at the hip, then you’re going to love what Polk has dished up for audio lovers who want more boom with less rules. Polk Audio fully gets the concept of needing to enjoy your music on demand, anywhere at any time, and has locked it in with the Polk BOOM range.

Say hello to your music, your way, with NO boundaries and NO hassle. The BOOM speakers range, from Polk Audio, is your passport to get loud whenever and wherever you want to.

Polk Audio doesn’t follow, it explores. Now they’re inviting you to do the same. Go ahead… take your taste for adventure to new sonic heights. And do it with BOOM speakers, from Polk Audio, rocking your world.

All the Polk BOOM speakers are impressive, but if it’s real pushing-the-boundaries stuff you’re looking for, the Polk BOOM Bit speaker is “the one” – it’s the world’s first truly wearable Bluetooth speaker!

A spring steel clip securely clips to any piece of clothing, so you can take hands-free calls on a bike, in the car, or wherever your journey takes you. The Polk BOOM Bit offers a standard USB with cap for quick and easy on-the-go charging.

If you are worried about dirt and dust, relax. The audio geniuses at Polk have this covered. With a range of IPX ratings, many of the Polk BOOM speakers are engineered to get wet and still deliver unsurpassed audio. Don’t let a waterfall or trip to the beach put a damper on your mood – no, instead crank up the audio and let Polk BOOM speakers help you make those memories.

The Polk guys assure us that the BOOM speakers are built to get filthy and still pump out crystal clear audio. Polk Audio’s BOOM speakers don’t care where you take them. All they’re built to do is give you maximum enjoyment, so go mad – the world’s your musical oyster!

Oh, and importantly, the Polk BOOM speakers are engineered to absorb the knocks and drops that come standard with any great adventure. Don’t we wish our cellphones were this cleverly built? Your Polk BOOM speakers won’t let you down. They’re tough

Check out some of the clever speakers in this range – there’s the Urchin, Swimmer, Bit, Swimmer Jr, Swimmer Duo, and Wrap (in-ear headphone with keychain attachment).

Yes, they are available in trendy colours, but the Polk BOOM speakers’ looks are second to the fact that they deliver outstanding audio, as well as the freedom to get on with life with your music right there with you.

Contact us for more information about the Polk Audio BOOM range. You won’t regret it.