Make a Smart Start to the New Year

If you’re one of those homeowners who is pulling their hair out with frustration over technology that just doesn’t want to play ball, you need a smart home solution.

The good news is that smart home solutions are no longer reserved for the rich and famous. The smart home tech that is available today is so affordable, quick to set up, and user friendly that you’ll wonder what took you so long to catch up.

Control4 offers the ultimate smart home automation by making all your electronic components and other systems you use every day sing in perfect harmony. And, they reach far beyond smart home entertainment systems.

Control4 solutions create personalised experiences that enhance your life, and work easily and conveniently, offering you peace of mind. The way you interact with your home will never be the same again!

With smart home solutions, you can seamlessly integrate your lighting, music, video, climate control, smartphones, tablets, and security – impressed yet?

If the only picture you have in your head of a smart home is what you’ve seen on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, clear your mind. What a smart home can offer you will be equally impressive and, the best bonus of all, your “crib” will be the envy of the neighbourhood. Get ready for your address to become party central!

Picture this: You’ve got your smart home entertainment all hooked up and are itching to bring the roof down with a massive bash. The only snag is that the kids aren’t into an ‘80s party, so what now? With smart home automation, the adults can party on the patio to all their favourite tunes, while the kids take over the family room and chill to their tunes, without even realising there are adults around.

Let’s get even smarter! If you’re stuck in traffic on the way home, and it’s winter and freezing, at the touch of a button, you can set the heating temperature throughout the house, kick start the fireplace, close the curtains and turn on the lights from your car. You can even set your favourite song to play as you open the front door!

With your IP cameras hooked up to your smart home automation, you can even check for any suspicious characters lurking outside your gate before you get home.

From unlocking the front door and restricting access, to emergency texts and turning every light in the house off at the touch of button – the possibilities are endless with a smart home solution.

What are you waiting for? Be smart!