Forget What You Think You Know About Audio

Audio visionaries, NAD, have hit the market with a new surround sound receiver, the T758, and we’re thrilled. These mavericks of sound have been doing the market proud for decades… and clearly, there’s no stopping their genius when it comes to delivering explosive audio experiences to an audience which is always hungry for more.  

NAD clearly knows that serious audiophiles want total control over what they hear and see, and that there’s no compromising on quality. Why should there be? After all, what’s the point of a home entertainment setup that’s not actually delivering the ultimate experience?

But in a market flooded with home entertainment brands and products, you’ve got to be able to sort out the wheat from the chaff, if you want the best.

The NAD T758 is backed by a rich history which dates back to 1972. This is when NAD was born and set about introducing revolutionary audio products which would put even the Goliaths of the industry in their place. NAD wanted to prove that outstanding sound quality and excellent value can exist together, which is exactly what they did.

NAD has remained dedicated to this way of thinking and continues to push out products with remarkable sound quality at an affordable price tag. The T758 is no exception.

It’s a performance update to their award-winning T757 A/V surround sound receiver, but still made with NAD’s “simple is better” design philosophy top of mind.

It delivers a stunningly fluid experience and exemplifies all the qualities you’d expect to find in a NAD product. Incredibly user-friendly, the T758 surround sound receiver is nothing short of an indulgence for the senses.

Let’s check out the MDC (Modular Design Construction) technology that this baby packs. NAD’s exclusive MDC is a revolutionary way to stay on trend. Forget obsolescence in the T758 – jump into the future! With MDC, it’s easy to get all the most up-to-date features and techs, without replacing the entire product, which is a huge plus for any serious audio fan.

You’ll love the T758’s reach-out-and-touch-it 3D video, which brings new meaning to life-like performances and heart-thumping audio. What you see and hear will be so vivid and engaging, you’d better prepare yourself to be fully immersed in this latest digital video technology.

The T758 comes complete with AV pre-sets that are yours to customise (see, we told you… full control, in your hands). It’s simply a must-have if you want to heighten everything about the way you hear and watch your favourite playlists and movies.

What customers love the most about NAD and products like the T758 is that they’re a brand of audio which is legendary and powerful, with unparalleled value.

A serious contender in the fast-paced world of audio, the NAD T758 has it all. Actually, all we can say about the NAD T758 is forget what you think you know about audio quality.

Everyone deserves great sound. Contact us for more information on NAD’s T758. We will be happy to assist you.