Meet the Supremus (QED)

As far as entertainment goes, the Brits are masters of comedy, we know that. And doccies, they’re really good at those. What’s also clear from the Supremus speaker cable is that they’re extremely good at sound too.

The Supremus, by QED, is British from start to finish, and absolutely unmatched in quality. QED calls itself “the sound of science”. They’ve been in the audio-visual game for over 40 years and swept the floor with the competition – with awards, mostly.

The success of QED, leading up to the introduction of top-class products like the Supremus, over the years, has gained it the trust of music lovers all over the world. In fact, some speaker manufacturers are pushing QED cables, like the Supremus, without thinking twice. QED has a reputation for innovation and technical excellence. The Supremus speaker cable is a great example of this.

But what’s the big deal about cables? Isn’t the importance of cables overrated? Let’s just put it this way – there’s no arguing about the superior performance of the QED Supremus.

How the QED Supremus came about is so simple, yet totally ingenious, we think. All that the tech gurus at QED did was take everything they’d discovered during 40 years of research and merge it together – and voilà! The world’s ultimate speaker cable was born – the Supremus! We’re only sorry that QED made us wait this long.

The Supremus features the largest cross-sectional area of pure copper ever incorporated into a QED loudspeaker cable. This is what delivers the ultra-low resistance needed to ensure perfect fidelity of the music signal.

Unrivalled in competition, this cable features QED Aircore™ technology to deliver unmatched high-frequency detail, rhythm, and cable timing.

The QED Supremus boasts 16 plated, 99.999% oxygen-free copper, solid core conductors. Each is insulated by a nearly invisible layer of enamel, providing ultimate insulation for a no-compromise sonic performance. In fact, QED left nothing to chance with the Supremus. The cable’s conductors have each been cooled at cryogenic temperatures (intense cooling), to completely steady their molecular structure.

Expect an exquisitely smooth listening experience with the QED Supremus, which will be rounded off with a richly detailed dynamic range. Some claim to even be able to hear the breath of the artists over a sea of electric guitars! That’s the clarity and performance of the Supremus.

QED is by far leading in this field. Cables are a big deal (well, QED has made cables a big deal) and others have a great deal of catching up to do. The Supremus is living up to its name, with the backing of millions of serious music fans.