Let’s Talk About Six, Baby

When it comes to sound quality, connoisseurs are always chasing that elusive last piece of the puzzle that everyone needs to complete their experience. Say hello to The Sixes – an incredibly versatile audio system which is part of the Heritage Wireless range from Klipsch.

The Sixes powered speakers will knock your socks off. Much of the sound phenomenon associated with speakers today is thanks to “mad man” and certified genius Paul W Klipsch. He spent his life trying to bring the world better sound and based his work on these four principles: high efficiency, low distortion, controlled directivity and flat frequency response.

Face it, traditional speakers weren’t very room friendly… they were the room! Their place was in the living room and nah, nobody can say they ever looked great (unless they came with a mega price tag, maybe). Thankfully, the manufacturers went back to the drawing board, and now produce seriously sized-down versions, without compromising on sound quality in the least – in fact, in many cases, it’s improved.

What’s even more exciting is the evolution of materials used in speakers. The improvement in the quality of materials had a direct impact on the improvement of sound quality – total bonus for consumers! The Klipsch Heritage Wireless series incorporates luxury materials, such as real-wood veneer and tactile-spun copper switches and knobs, all blended with the Klipsch classic design legacy and the latest technologies.

The finished product is a work of art; a timeless piece for the most luxurious or rustic home. In an age where our homes are our sanctuaries and escape from the outside world into our own world, a premium entertainment system with exemplary sound is non-negotiable. But don’t let the sleek, unassertiveness of The Sixes fool you. The Sixes are superior in their class, and punch way above their weight. Serious music lovers will listen to nothing on anything else, once they’ve listened to it on The Sixes!

Why? It’s simple… Klipsch understands the demand for high-end sound and simple-to-use, discreet products. Consumers today want alternatives to the traditional; products that can provide unobtrusive and unparalleled sound experiences, and this manufacturer knows how to deliver.

The Sixes audio system is able to connect directly to a turntable, TV, computer, or Bluetooth-enabled device to deliver amazing acoustics, no matter the source.

The Sixes is all about nostalgia – modern acoustics in a timeless design, and modern acoustics with killer features. The Sixes audio system is mid-century magnificence. What are you waiting for? Plug these bad boys in, and start the party!