Let Beautiful Music Go to Your Head

The audio brands we are proudly associated with at Homemation are leaders in performance and comfort when it comes to headphones. Now, these guys are smart. What they’ve done extremely well for decades is to build on their bold audio heritage and, by doing so, they’ve revolutionised the headphone industry.

Headphones had humble beginnings as tools used by telephone operators way back in the 1880s. Can you believe that a single earpiece rested on the user’s shoulder and weighed … wait for it … over 5 kg? Hard to imagine, right? The Brits were the next on the (headphones) bandwagon when they started supplying opera houses and theatres with simple, basic headphones in the 1890s.

Then, Nathaniel Baldwin came along and invented what was to be the foundation for electricity-free telephones in 1910. He is the inventor of headphones who, with the US Navy’s guidance, created a design that consisted of two sound receivers, each containing a mile of copper wiring.

These guys could never have imagined the world of today, but we have a lot to thank them for. Music has never stopped evolving, and people’s love for it even less. Tech advances are surging ahead and headphones are an integral part of the audio experience in any music lover’s audio setup today.

As an example of how things have changed in the world of headphones, think about the 5-kg headphones of the 1880s we mentioned above and then think about this … the X12i Klipsch is one of the smallest headphones on the planet! Aided by the use of aluminium, not only is the X12i incredibly durable, but it also becomes completely unnoticeable when you wear it, due to its diminutive weight.

And because headphone manufacturers understand that consumers expect no compromise when it comes to their audio experiences, they’ve developed products like headphones with oval ear tips. These utilise patented contoured ear gels that are anatomically designed to snugly fit inside the human ear canal.

What this means for the user is a reduction in ear fatigue, as well as a tight seal for optimised noise isolation and bass response. There’s more – because ear canal measurements vary, these headphones come with different washable ear tip sizes too! This feature alone sets these headphones apart from the competition.
At Homemation, we can open up a whole new world of audio entertainment to you – in fact, you’ll be so blown away with the high-quality experience you’ll get from our leading brands of headphones, you may find it very difficult to come back to earth again (or want to, for that matter!).

With brand leaders Klipsch and Denon, choose from a range of award-winning in-ear and over-ear headphones featuring low weight, elegant styling, and the latest technologies. Expect nothing less than high performance and sophisticated, pure sound from futuristic designs and advanced technology.

Get closer to a whole new world of musical enjoyment. Give the experts at Homemation a call today and let’s help you get closer to your entertainment than ever before.