Introducing the New Monitor Audio Silver Series


There’s nothing quite like something shiny and new to boost excitement levels, and get you out of that mid-year slump. Monitor Audio has just the thing for AV enthusiasts! The new Monitor Audio Silver Series is everything you could ever want from a shiny, new and extremely impressive home AV component.

You’ve probably heard the term “next level” in the AV industry many times, and this is precisely what the Silver Series is. It’s set to truly take audio enjoyment to the next level, and for this, we feel that Monitor Audio deserves a round (or two even) of applause. The Silver S6 is already impressing on paper. With the technology used, it enables home theatre performance to be on par with professional systems. The tech advances are thanks to the top of the range Platinum Series II, which makes Monitor Audio’s sixth generation of the Silver Series an absolute “must have”. It’s a series that offers new character that can actually be seen and heard! One of the changes in this particular series is that the new range caters for all two-channel hi-fi and surround applications.

If you’re looking for the type of goosebumps that only your favourite albums and almost unimaginable sound quality can give you, you can expect to get them from Monitor Audio’s latest range. The Silver Series was recently launched at the Munich High End event where the nine models in the range showed off their ability to complement contemporary living at its best. The compact design of all the models in the range elicited much surprise when their big sound production was realised.

With the 6G range, design excellence meets world-class engineering to produce a perfectly finished range, which is available in real wood veneer, satin white and piano lacquer. The 6G features an all-new 25mm gold dome tweeter, which provides realistic treble like never before. If you’re into your bass, then don’t fret, the 6G range caters to that too with its onboard DSP, which can take the bass down as low as 22Hz! Fabulous sound and a sleek design; what more could you possibly ask for? Of course, you could probably ask for variety, which is precisely what you will get too. The 6G Silver Series range offers a choice of floor standing, centre channel, stand-mount, surround and subwoofer designs.

Enough chit chat about the range, let’s take a closer look at what’s included:

  • Silver Series Stand Mounts – there are two of these small speakers in this range; the Silver 50 and the Silver 100.
  • Silver Series Floor Standers – this range features the compact Silver 200, 300 and 500.
  • Silver Series Wall Mounts – this range features a discreet, angle-baffled Silver FX speaker that’s unobtrusive in any interior.
  • Silver Series Centre Channels – this range offers a choice of two speakers; the Silver 150 and the Silver 350.
  • Silver Series Subwoofers – this range offers a Silver W-12 that provides thunderous bass.

Do you want to know more about the new Monitor Audio Silver Series? Do you want to know where to buy it? Chat to our team at Homemation, and we will point you in the right direction.