More Features, More Value: Denon’s Fifth Generation Receivers Are on Their Way

Denon is set to take the SA market by storm with the launch of its fifth generation AV receivers, the AVR-X1400H, AVR-X2400H and the AVR-X3400H.

These models build on the success of Denon‘s network AV receiver range, and combine compatibility with all the latest home entertainment sound and vision formats. They also bring HEOS multi-room wireless music streaming to a new affordable price point.

The HEOS integration enables both networked stored music and online services to be shared wirelessly with HEOS speakers and other HEOS-enabled devices around the house. Using the free HEOS app, you can control the system from any room in the house, and you can add more “zones” or combine HEOS devices to create the complete party sound system.

Look forward to quick and easy integration with home automation equipment, as both models feature Control4 SDDP (Simple Device Detection Protocol). They’re part of the Denon range of IN•Command custom integration friendly AV components, so are equipped with a range of features to provide enhanced control capabilities and compatibility.

Set up couldn’t be easier – just leave it to Denon’s Setup Assistant and Quick Start Guide. The connectors are colour-coded to ensure that the first-time hook-up is perfect, then it’s simply a case of following on-screen graphics and text to get through the set-up process and optimise critical settings for the ultimate sound quality.

The AVR-X2400H is undoubtedly a masterpiece, following in the footsteps of Denon’s multi-award-winning AVRX2300W (from which it’s developed), but brings the user even greater capabilities for home theatre and music use.

With built-in decoding for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, expect an exceptional and immersive 3D-cinema experience. And because Denon is renowned for sound of the highest quality, this is exactly what you’ll get from the AVR-X2400H, as well as Bluetooth to play music directly from portable devices, and full network connectivity via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

The AVX2400H is no match for crowded Wi-Fi environments. Connect and discover a world of unlimited music sources and playback options, including Apple AirPlay, network attached devices, internet radio, and a wide range of streaming services.

Launched alongside the AVR-X2400H, the AVR-X1400H offers much the same impressive features and capabilities. With a maximum of 145 W per channel, the AVR-X1400H still has more than enough power to deliver the full immersive Dolby Atmos/DTS:X effect, while six HDMI inputs give plenty of connectivity options for modern playback devices.

Last, but not least, the AVR-X3400H is also set to launch shortly. Not only does this AV surround receiver represent the ultimate in home theatre systems today, but it is also set to remain popular in the future. This is due to the fact that it has been futureproofed by incorporating the latest HDMI specifications. This model also features the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room acoustic measurement system, which will transform all your listening experiences into something unparalleled. The AVR-X3400H is also both beautiful and powerful. Its sleek design will make you the envy of all your neighbours, while its digital sound processor chip can process over one billion computations per second.