Spruce Up Your Home’s Security System – Get Rid of Analogue and Switch to IP Cameras!


We all know that crime is not going anywhere, and if your security system is old and outdated, chances are high that you are only protected against the attempts of old and outdated criminals. It’s best to ensure that you keep up with the times and keep your security systems, features and efforts up to date.

If you’re looking to spruce up your security systems, you should check out the latest tech and gadgets. On our radar this month are the latest and greatest in IP cameras. For those who don’t already know, IP cameras are not just hot off the press. They have already made a name for themselves, and are bound to continue doing great things in the security world.

An IP camera is an “Internet Protocol” camera. It’s a type of digital camera and is quite different from your regular CCTV camera because it’s not analogue. These cameras can do more than just record things, and be watched all day long. These IP cameras can send and receive data when correctly connected to a network computer, and you guessed it… the internet.

Unlike your analogue CCTV cameras, your IP cameras won’t need to send data to be stored on a DVR, which has a number of benefits. Some of these include:

  • The quality of the picture. In fact, you can compare the best analogue picture with the worst IP-camera picture quality, and you will still be shocked at the difference. Image resolution is just better with IP cameras. End of story!
  • The “flag” settings are somewhat impressive. Most IP camera settings allow you to ask the system to flag certain events. It could be a motion, a missing object, or even if the camera is tampered with. Best of all, is that the footage is already being streamed to you.
  • IP cameras need much less cabling, which means much less labour. Thus, making everyone happy. You’re happy and your installation technicians are certainly happy too. The systems are quickly and easily set up.

Now that you know that IP cameras are the way to go, let’s take a look at which brands are best for your home or business. It’s no secret that at Homemation, we like the LILIN range. This range features the best-in-class cameras and systems. What’s great about this range is that it features great HD-image quality in both day and night settings, and the outer design is made to last. It’s a durable, reliable and affordable range for homes and businesses, which is why we love it!

If you want the latest home and business security systems, as well as information on the different ranges of top-quality IP cameras, take the time to get in touch with us at Homemation. You can contact us via email or telephone at your earliest convenience for more assistance. You won’t regret making your home or business safer for your family or employees.