QED Audio Cables Hit the Market in Early 2017 – Discover the Performance Audio 40 Range

QED Performance Audio 40 Cobra

Connecting one AV component or system feature to another can seem confusing and frustrating, if you don’t know how to, or if you don’t have the right tools and cabling. It’s important to buy top-quality audio cables, if you take the quality of your sound seriously. Buy cheaper, inferior quality cables, and you could end up with sound that’s disappointing and bland.

If you are looking for top-quality audio cables, check out What Hi-Fi’s review on the QED Performance Audio 40. This particular range of audio cables simply impresses. It offers a clean sound stage, detailed sound that’s hard to match, and an impressive frequency range. If you haven’t invested in the Performance Audio 40 range of QED audio cables yet, you should be asking yourself why not! There’s one thing that QED does well, and that’s provide the opportunity for clever, quality interconnects.

Of course, it’s best to read reviews and see what the experts in the field have to say about a product, before you invest in it. According to What Hi-Fi, certainly a trusted review source for AV enthusiasts, the cable is able to outshine most other audio cables, including your current favourite. QED certainly doesn’t withhold high praise for its own latest audio cable, but then again, once you test it out, you will see why. The product plain and simply delivers. QED can brag about it because they’re just as confident as we are that you will love it.

The QED Performance Audio 40 has a high-frequency noise-absorbing internal ferrite jacket. This immediately eliminates the potential for poor quality timing and signal flow disruptions. We can almost hear home AV enthusiasts breathing a happy sigh of relief at this particular fact. The Anamate RCA plug is similar to the Analoc RCA plug found on other high-end cables. It’s able to reduce meddling and current swirling, which can ultimately affect the quality of sound. The system also incorporates a pair of oxygen-free copper conductors, which go a long way to ensuring better timing.

There’s something to be said about the way the QED cable delivers sound. Listen to anything and you will find that it sounds like all the instruments truly come together, while vocals are full bodied and natural. The sound can be described as expressive and it seems to really get the “musicality” of sound/music/audio. The cable is available to be bought in per-meter lengths, and will look neat and sophisticated, wherever it’s used.

If you would like to learn more about the range of QED Performance Audio 40 cables, we recommend that you chat to one of our consultants at Homemation. Not only will we advise you on your options and provide you with a wealth of product-related information, but we will also ensure that you are equipped with the details of the retailers. Give us a call today or send us an email at your earliest convenience.