The Denon AH-C621R was Released in March 2017

Denon AH-C621Having thrilling sound that takes over your mind, body and soul does not necessarily have to involve annoying the neighbours and earning yourself disturbance warnings. Earphones have changed the way we listen to our favourite music, and they have made us all a great deal more mobile with our sound too. With the right earphones, you can listen to your music at the gym, while driving and while using public transport… any time and any place. It’s sound that cannot be stopped, and one particular brand is making this type of mobile sound world-class.

In case you haven’t already heard, Denon has completed its headphone range ever so stylishly with the release of the Denon AH-C621 this March. Not that the brand didn’t already have a stylish and impressive range of earphones, but many sound enthusiasts feel that the latest model really does complete the range with the type of flair and professionalism that Denon has become synonymous with. You might be wondering what is so special about this particular headphone model, and we would love to tell you! For starters, it is iPhone and iPad friendly, but this is certainly not all. There’s so much more that makes these earphones worth every cent.

The latest earphones in the Denon range are absolutely comfortable to wear, and provide sound enthusiasts with a great on-the-go sound opportunity. It’s also not just about basic plug-and-play convenience. Users can use the app associated with the earphones to truly optimise their sound to their liking. Now that’s incredible!

Of course, Denon supporters have never really had to worry about aesthetics before. All of the Denon products feature sleek and trendy designs. And so does the AH-C621R, with its die-cast aluminium design available in black or white. You can control the earphones with a 3-button remote, which also has a microphone. It’s convenient and nifty – a great combination!

It’s all about the bass… and exceptional quality with this range of headphones. In fact, this is made possible with the 11.5mm drivers which are custom designed and tuned for a flat EQ curve. Air pressure is equalised both in the back and front of the drivers, which provides the type of distortion-free sound that is worth getting excited about. The radical cascade damper also ensures that you don’t experience any frustrating noise from cables rubbing against items or clothing. Yes, Denon really has thought of it all.

Gone are the days of uncomfortable listening with a set of scrappy earphones. In fact, Denon has never produced an uncomfortable product, but the AH-C621R is even better designed for greater comfort. The TX400 ear tips and housing fit snugly into the ear, and are cushioned with memory foam that’s perfectly moulded by the warmth of the ear. It’s a shape that’s made to fit.

Playing or pausing music, answering calls, and even conversing with Siri can all be done with a few short and long clicks. It’s ever so simple and offers the type of quick and easy convenience that is expected from iPhone and iPad users.

It just takes a quick look and a listen to decide that these earphones were made to perform, which is typical of everything from the Denon brand. Dare we say it… Denon has done it again! And we are certainly impressed.

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