The JVC 4K HDR Projector Launches this December and at Homemation, We Just Can’t Wait!


Coming soon is none other than the JVC DLA-Z1 4K HDR Projector! If you think we sound excited, you would be correct! Excitement is rife at Homemation and every other home entertainment store across the globe. This new projector will be worth every cent.

What makes us so excited about this projector is that it offers a few things that no other projector can, so when it launches, it will be an industry first. Some of the features include a 3 000lm “Blu-Escent” laser light source, which will last you up to 20 000 hours. The images are produced by the laser, which means that you won’t experience any drop-off in performance. Your first thought might be whether it’s compatible with your screen or not. Well the good news is that it’s compatible with all screens of over 200 inches. With its unique 100mm lens, it effortlessly delivers true Ultra HD and HDR images. If you weren’t excited before, this titbit of information has probably got you started.

Some industry professionals have been “wowed” by the projector’s weight of 43kg, but that’s about the biggest whopper you will have to deal with in terms of design. The weight is nicely contrasted by the fact that it’s fitted with JVC’s smallest 4K D-ILA chip. As you might have guessed, this is the smallest chip ever made by JVC! It also offers 2 HDMI ports and it also works seamlessly with the RF 3D glasses and peripheries from the JVC range.

According to JVC’s official communications manager, Mushtak Kazi, there is currently no source material that is of the right quality and format to fully demonstrate the latest DLA-Z1, but by the time it launches, all that will have changed.

It comes as no surprise that What Hi-Fi has already featured the JVC DLA-Z1 4K HDR projector and raved about its upcoming launch. It’s to be expected that home entertainment enthusiasts that are serious about enjoying a true-life audio-visual experience will snap this product up the moment it hits the shelves. Don’t miss out – keep your eye out for its launch and get your orders in early. For more information and advice, feel free to contact us via email or telephone at Homemation today.