Change the Quality of Your Home Life with the Latest Alexa Integration – Thanks to Alexa and Control4

control4-alexa-integrationIf you have been living in luxury with a smart home automation system from Control4, you probably don’t think that it can get any better. What if we told you that it can? What if we told you that smart home automation just got better and you can get in on the action too? You would probably be just as excited as we are.

Consider this: just how smart is your smart home if it doesn’t have the latest interface? Not very smart at all we’d say! If you already enjoy the convenience of a smart home, you probably know that it can be hard to select just one interface for all interactions with your smart home system.

For instance, in the lounge, you might want to use a remote to watch videos, while in the kitchen, you might want to scroll through music on a screen before selecting the genre of choice for the evening. Chopping and changing from one control method to another doesn’t seem too daunting, but when you realise just how much more convenient your life can become with Alexa integration, you will wonder how you ever got by without it. What’s Alexa? It’s the latest smart home interface that allows you to control every aspect of your smart home system with just your voice.

At Homemation, we are excited to bring you the news that Alexa has now been integrated with Control4, and this means even better and more detailed personalisation of your in-home experience. If you want to boost your quality of life, this is the way to do it. Alexa integration makes a hands-free lifestyle a reality. Simply tell your smart home system what you want, and watch as everything unfolds perfectly like magic. You can do everything from setting the lighting mood and music, to drawing the curtains and activating your alarm system. All with the power of your voice. Alexa and Control4 have officially taken the concept of voice command to the next level.

If you think you’re going to spend your evenings giving your smart home a series of commands, you’re wrong. You can truly customise the Alexa interface to suit your needs by creating a series of main commands. For instance, a “turn off the house” command can be set to do a series of things, such as draw the curtains, set the alarm, turn on the outside lights and switch off certain interior lights. The type of customisable personalisation that the Alexa integration brings to smart homes powered by Contol4 is absolutely phenomenal. You have to see it with your own eyes to realise just how impressive it is.

Alexa enabled households will enjoy a smart home user experience like never before. you are you considering purchasing the driver for the Alexa interface for your Control4 system, or do you need more information and advice? Simply contact us via email or telephone at Homemation today.