Transform Your Music-Listening Experience with the HEOS Wireless Multi-Room Speaker


It’s party time with HEOS 7! Check out the new wireless multi-room speakers on the HEOS range and prepare to find an excuse to throw a party to show off your new sound. If you have been shopping around for multi-room speakers, you are bound to be spoiled for choice, but not many brands can cater to earth-shattering sound that’s ideal for large rooms, outside patios and open-plan spaces like Denon can.

The HEOS 7 speaker range is large, not just in design, but in sound delivery too. It’s undoubtedly another top-of-the-line range from Denon that can play your favourite music from just about any source. Do you have your music stored in the cloud? No problem! HEOS 7 can play it. Do you have your music stored on your phone or tablet? No problem! HEOS 7 can handle that too. Do you need to plug and play from a USB device? Yet again: no problem! The HEOS 7 has it covered. Impress already? Well there’s more. HEOS 7 systems can also play via Bluetooth. If this doesn’t make you want to get the party started, we don’t know what will.

At Homemation, we cannot wait for you to meet the HEOS 7 systems. We know that you will simply love the specifications and functionality, which include high-resolution audio support, Bluetooth integration and sound that’s perfectly delivered via the two custom tweeters, two mid-woofers, large subwoofer and two passive radiators. All of this is effortless powered by five class D amplifiers.

You can even connect your HEOS 7 to your home’s wireless network with its built-in dual band wireless connection. In addition to this, the HEOS 7 offers purely optimised sound by means of precision acoustic processing algorithms that are the quality of those used in world-class recording studios. The system includes a USB input, auxiliary input and headphone output, in order to provide options that cater to every listening need. Do you need more convenience? Now you can also download an app that allows you to control your HEOS 7 from your smartphone or tablet.

Tired of inferior quality sound in your spacious home or outdoors? Invest in the HEOS 7 wireless multi-room speaker and never have to worry about sound quality again. It’s easy to set up, it’s readily available and it’s bound to change the way you experience your home life.

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