Discover Two Legendary Sets of Klipsch Headphones


We don’t want to sound like audio snobs, but if you’re looking for superior quality sound delivery and the type of listening experience that enthrals you for hours, Klipsch is the only brand you can trust. Klipsch isn’t called “Keepers of the Sound” for nothing! If you’ve experienced Klipsch products before, you have probably encountered their headphones. Klipsch headphones are unlike any others on the market.

They have a way of effortlessly delivery musical accuracy, noise isolation and rich, deep sound that will make any music enthusiast fall in love. What’s more is that they’re designed to fit so comfortably that you will probably forget you are wearing them.

What makes Klipsch so superior in quality when it comes to their headphones? We’d like to say everything, but most importantly it’s 60 years of a passion for the best quality sound that has grown and shaped the brand into what it is today. A much loved brand in fact.

There are two Klipsch headphones that we would love to bring to your attention. The first is the XR8i. These headphones deliver bass so deep that you’ll get the chills. They achieve tonal balance of an exceptional quality and high frequency definition too. Its features include a KG-2365 AcuPass two-way hybrid driver, KG-065 dynamic woofer, KG-723 balanced armature tweeter and a 3-button remote. The unit is lavished in a die cast zinc and co-moulded elastomer housing for a sleek and modern appearance. When buying this set of headphones, you will also get a nifty carrying case and clothing clip. Now that’s a score!

The second set of Klipsch headphones that are well worth your attention are the X6i. The X6is will tantalise your ears with single high-clarity, full-range balanced armature and flat frequency response. In short, you’ll love what you hear. The features include a KG-723 armature, patented oval ear tips (available in 4 sizes), and a 3-button remote and mic. This unit is also lavished in a die cast zinc and co-moulded elastomer housing which looks both sleek and modern. Buy this set of headphones and you will also get a cool carry case and clothing clip. Taking your music with you has never been easier or trendier.

Get your hands (and ears) on the latest Klipsch headphones today, or simply learn more about the product by sending us an email or giving us a call.