Find Top Quality QED Home Theatre Cables and Connectivity Products at Homemation


QED is a brand that has be wowing the global market with great sound since 1973. When it comes to Hi-Fis, soundbars and home cinema cables and connectivity, the QED team puts its 42 years of experience in the market to good use. The result is a home cinema setup and experience that is hard to beat!  The QED brand uses the latest technology and computer aided design techniques to ensure that their range offers exceptional performance and undeniable reliability. At Homemation, we highly recommend all QED speaker cables, interconnects and speakers to our clients.

The following QED products are available on our catalogue, which is part of the extensive QED range:

  • 5m Performance Optical Graphite Cable – this award-winning cable has been the saving grace of many who have wanted to connect their Apple devices, TVs, CD players, Blu-ray players or DACs to receivers or amplifiers. A cleaner audio experience is to be expected due to the cables “low jitter” design, which ensures reduced digital errors.
  • 2-Way Parallel Speaker Switch – it offers the ultimate audio setup as it allows users to switch between two pairs of speakers. Some of the features include silver plated switch contacts, 150 watts power rating, minimum load impedance and large cable entry protected terminals. The QED range also offers 3-way and 4-way speaker switches.
  • uPlay Plus Bluetooth Receiver – looking for the ultimate sound when connecting your Android, iPod, iPhone, PDA, computer or iPad to your Hi-Fi system? uPlay Plus offers just that with its ‘APT-X’ and BlueCore 5 Bluetooth technology. Wireless streaming is made simple by connecting to the amplifier by means of the analogue or digital connector.
  • QXDAV1-FLX 75ohm Video Cable – also known as a coax cable, it is suitable for most digital/analogue audio and video applications. The cable itself offers high performance and exceptional noise rejection due to its unique make up of close bond double screen of Aluminium Mylar and woven tinned copper braids. This is the ultimate addition to any top class or state-of-the-art home theatre system.
  • Profile Component Video Cable – yet another award-winning cable from QED, this one is a precision cable that does what it needs to and so much more. It is available in 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m lengths, and offers unrivalled ultra-compact performance. It has micro-moulded easy grip connectors and ultra-flexible upper conductors. In short, the Profile Component Video Cable offers convenience and affordability for those looking for a reliable video cable that delivers a clear image – every time.

It goes without saying that QED is a brand that exudes value for money and sophisticated technology. When investing in any of the QED cables and interconnects on our catalogue, you will simply never look back.

If you are looking for QED products, take the time to browse through our range at Homemation. We offer competitive rates, as well as the best product information and advice available on the market. Get the home theatre or entertainment system of your dreams with the help of Homemation.