Velodyne: Makers of the finest subwoofers in the world

Velodyne SubwoofersVelodyne Acoustics are one of the industry leaders in subwoofer styling, performance and value, for over 25 years. Combining the latest engineering, close tolerance manufacturing and extensive testing and listening evaluations their product ranges always seems to be superior to the rest.

There are four Velodyne product ranges that we at Homemation are very excited about: The MicroVee, the Digital Drive series, the CHT-Q range and the Impact Series.

Velodyne MicroVee Subwoofer

Velodyne MicroVee SubwooferThe MicroVee Subwoofer is the smallest Velodyne subwoofer and incidentally also Velodyne’s only multi-driver subwoofer.

The aim was to deliver the biggest thump in the smallest package and Velodyne succeeded in delivering a sleek 22.9 x 22.9 x 24.4cm (9″ x 9″ x 9.6″) cube design and a powerful 1000 watt amplifier. It delivers brilliant bass quality and its ability to deliver “muscular” sound from such a small box is testament to the excellent technology inside.

The MicroVee features one active 6.5’’ driver, with an aluminium cone and dual-layer copper voice coil, plus two 6.5’’ side-firing passive radiators with aluminium cones that augment the active driver. These are fed by Velodyne’s patented Energy Recovery System (ERS) Class-D digital amplifier, which supplies 2,000W of dynamic power and 1,000W of continuous RMS power. The ERS amp is rated at over 95 per cent efficiency, which generates minimal heat, while the sub’s frequency range stretches from 120Hz down to 38Hz.

Impact Series

Velodyne Impact 10 SubwooferThe impact series is another Velodyne series aimed at delivering high performance and value. The stylish, affordable, high-output, low distortion subwoofers range offers 3 sizes (10’’, 12’’ and the Impact Mini at 6,5’’).

The Impact range uses highly efficient MDP amplifiers for floor-shaking bass. Unlike competitive IC amp designs, the dynamic MDP amplifiers generate more reserve power to accurately reproduce the most critical bass information. The Impact-10 and Impact12’s down-firing port design maximizes bass performance and output, while limiting any noise caused by the air moving in the port.

Considered as “green” amplifiers the Impact range is engineered to use less electricity to produce their amazing output.

CHT-Q Series
Velodyne CHT-Q SubwooferThe CHT-Q Series subwoofers offer incredible value for money and form the ideal combination of technology and an intuitive user interface. With a remote control and LED display it is child’s play to configure.

The CHT-Q line-up is available in drive-unit sizes from 20cm to 38cm. It brilliantly combines digital power amplification and impressive onboard DSP (digital signal processing).

The CHT-Q subwoofers deliver great bass…made easy.

Digital Drive
Velodyne 1250w Digital Drive SubwooferVelodyne describes the Digital Drive series as the reference standard in digital servo bass reproduction. This series is considered as Velodyne’s finest subwoofers range and sports the patented digital high-gain service assures minimal distortion.

If offers perfect room-bass interactions with patented DD software and offers 10’’ to 18’’ woofer models. The remote control offers six custom presents including night mode. It includes the Patented ERS amp and delivers 1250 watt TMS / 3000 watt Dynamic.

The Digital Drive technical achievements are described as “state-of-the-art” for the subwoofer market..

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