Select from JVC Projectors that are Designed to Impress


Something that JVC does phenomenally, is producing world-class, superior quality projectors. The brand caters to all AV tastes (and budgets), with an extensive range of products featuring native 4K D-ILA projectors, home cinema projectors, DLP projectors, and various accessories and components that complement these features. As with any brand’s range in the AV world, there are firm favourites amongst enthusiasts, and below we feature the top four projectors for you to consider. Continue reading

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Denon Has Kicked Off 2017 Phenomenally with a Wealth of Reviews, Awards & Recognition in the AV industry


It seems like every month, Denon and their HEOS range are the first and last thing that we talk about, and it’s true! Denon is a brand that didn’t just take the market by storm… it does so consistently. So, with each passing month, all eyes seem to be on the company and what it plans to release next. Continue reading

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Spruce Up Your Home’s Security System – Get Rid of Analogue and Switch to IP Cameras!


We all know that crime is not going anywhere, and if your security system is old and outdated, chances are high that you are only protected against the attempts of old and outdated criminals. It’s best to ensure that you keep up with the times and keep your security systems, features and efforts up to date. Continue reading

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Check Out the New Klipsch Sound Bars!

RSB-6Are you getting tired of poor quality sound for your home movies and music? Do you want to ensure that you have the quality of image and sound that’s even better than what the luxury cinemas enjoy? It’s not impossible. In fact, it’s very possible with the Klipsch product range. Klipsch knows sound, and it shows in their range of products. Klipsch sound bars make it possible to fill a room with the type of enveloping sound that takes your breath away, while simultaneously breathing life into your experience. Continue reading

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The Denon AH-C621R was Released in March 2017

Denon AH-C621Having thrilling sound that takes over your mind, body and soul does not necessarily have to involve annoying the neighbours and earning yourself disturbance warnings. Earphones have changed the way we listen to our favourite music, and they have made us all a great deal more mobile with our sound too. With the right earphones, you can listen to your music at the gym, while driving and while using public transport… any time and any place. It’s sound that cannot be stopped, and one particular brand is making this type of mobile sound world-class. Continue reading

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Which Hi-Fi Components are More Important?

Hi-Fi-ComponentsIf you are setting up an audio entertainment system in your home, it is highly likely that your mind is abuzz with options and choices. You are bound to be wondering which Hi-Fi components are required, and which are the most important. A question that first-timers or novice sound system designers often ask is whether it is the speakers or the amplifier that is more important in the setup. Of course, both have importance, but which can you skimp on in terms of quality and brand? This is an age-old question, and one that can be answered quite simply. Continue reading

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The AH-GC20 Noise Cancelling Headphones from Denon – Another Winner on the Market!


We all know just how useful our headphones can be, but it can be quite bothersome if our favourite tracks are disturbed by outside noises, sounds, conversations and traffic. Now, with Denon’s AH-GC20 top-quality noise cancelling headphones, you can enjoy your favourite tracks and tap your foot to the beats without a care in the world, and without any disruptions either. Continue reading

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The Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless Speaker


Enter the latest HD wireless speaker! HD wireless sound has finally arrived, compliments of Klipsch, yet again. It’s never surprising to hear that Klipsch has released another awe-inspiring product, but this time they’ve really outdone themselves! Continue reading

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