The Denon CEOL N9 Gets a 5-Star review in the BBC Music Magazine

Ceol_N9_4701-4707Looking for the latest home audio products on the market? Not sure which products are best suited to your home and offer exceptional value for money in terms of the quality of sound, functionality and, of course, aesthetic design? At Homemation, we recommend Denon, as this brand only releases top AV equipment to the market. Continue reading

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Exceptional Surround Sound Made Possible by Denon’s AVR-X1300W

Denon-AVR-X1300WIf you are looking for a world-class surround sound experience, you’ve come to just the right place! With Denon’s AVR-X1300W, you will get more than just sound. You will be immersed in sound that’s of an exceptional quality. Whether you’re listening to your favourite CD or watching your favourite action movie, the sound will delight the ear and absolutely envelop you. Continue reading

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Top-Quality Hi-Fi Components to Custom Design Your Home Audio System

hi-fiWhat type of sound do you enjoy at home? Do you walk around with your device and earphones just so you can enjoy your favourite music while you are working or relaxing at home? Are you tired of having to transfer music from one device to another, just so it’s convenient to play songs from your own personal library? A good home hi-fi system can solve these problems and frustrations for you. Continue reading

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The Denon PMA-2500NE Stereo Amplifier

PMA-2500NE_DCD-2500NEThe Denon PMA-2500NE Stereo Amplifier is Awarded with the Hi-Fi News & Record Review “Outstanding Product” logo Continue reading

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Denon AVR-X2300W Awarded 5 Stars by What Hi-Fi

Denon_AVR-X2300WIf you’re interested in setting up your home with not only the latest, but also the best, home audio equipment and components, you’re in for a treat! At Homemation, we present an extensive range of AV equipment, systems and components for you to browse through and what’s more is that they’re the most renowned in the world. Award winning products is what we are all about at Homemation and with that, we bring you more on the latest from Denon. Continue reading

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Home Entertainment Systems That Will Keep You at Home

home-entertainmentWhat drives you to spend more time at home? Is it comfortable furniture? A good book? Or is it the presence of in-home entertainment that quite simply cannot be matched by the outside world? Regardless of what usually keeps you at home, we’re going to present you with a range of home entertainment systems that will guarantee to keep you at home! Continue reading

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Set the Mood with Automated Lighting for Your Restaurant


One only has to take a look at the Tattu Restaurant & Bar that opened in Manchester, England, last year to see just how much lighting can affect the ambiance and overall dining experience in a restaurant. Lighting has always had a way of being able to set the scene. You can create a warm and cosy appeal, crisp and cool appeal or relaxed and romantic appeal – let’s face it, you need lighting solutions to cater to all of these moods. Continue reading

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The Denon AVR-X7200WA is a Group Test Winner


Don’t want to compromise on the quality of your sound? The answer is to invest in the best AV receiver! It is that simple. How do you know which AV receivers are serious contenders when it comes to finding “the best” on the market? The latest Group Test of AV receivers published on AV Forums reveals all. In fact, while it uncovers the best AV receivers on the market, it reveals the Denon AVR-X7200W as the winner. Yes, Denon has presented the market with the best AV receiver and it is interesting to see that it beat big brands on the market, including Yamaha, Pioneer, Arcam and Anthem. Continue reading

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